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   Ashley Mary is an abstract artist who creates lively, energetic works in her studio in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota. For the last 9 years, her work has focused around celebrating color and shape compositions. Ashley's tools are broad. Her paintings are in heavy acrylics creating thick textures. Her collages made in paper, gouache, pastels, and markers  explore the interplay between mediums. As a freelance designer, Ashley's studio works can tend to have a graphic nature in it's bold shapes and moments of pattern. It's playful, colorful, and has a touch of whimsy.  

Outside of her studio practice, Ashley freelances as an illustrator, designer, and prop stylist, working with a wide range of clients to help bring fresh life to their environments and brands. Her next creative exploration is aimed at fusing her passion for painting into more surface design work, exploring the world of textiles and product. When she's not working, Ashley is thrifting, on a run, or ideally making travel plans.

Photo: Hannah Voxland