With a palette knife in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other, Ashley Mary fits colors and shapes together like the pieces of a puzzle. The Minnesota-born artist, designer and illustrator works out of her studio in Minneapolis, turning playful collages into spirited paintings, and abstract patterns into whimsical product designs. There are no rules; just a celebration of lines that dance, shapes that nestle together and paint that looks thick and textured. Vintage treasures, interior design and the natural world inspire her. Ashley looks for interesting forms and bold colors in everyday objects and spaces to translate into her art. Her work is a constant exploration full of happy accidents, lively compositions and positive energy she hopes to put out in the world.

Outside of her studio practice, Ashley freelances as an illustrator, graphic designer, and prop stylist working with a wide range of clients to help bring fresh life to their environments and brands.

Portait photo by Hannah Voxland