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Ashley Mary is an abstract artist, designer, and illustrator who creates lively, energetic works in her studio in the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis. Her work focuses around celebrating color and shape compositions. Ashley’s tools are broad. Her paintings are in heavy acrylics creating thick textures. Her collages made in paper, gouache, pastels, and markers explore the interplay between mediums. With a formal background in design, Ashley's paintings and collages tends to have a graphic nature in their bold shapes and moments of pattern while remaining organic in their execution. Her work is a  playful, colorful, and a bit whimsical when necessary (which is always).

Outside of her studio practice, Ashley freelances as an illustrator, designer, and prop stylist, working with a wide range of clients to help bring fresh life to their environments and brands. To see her illustration and design work for clients visit ashleymaryfreelance.com

Portait photo by Hannah Voxland, Close-ups by Kelsey Lee