A few months ago I was invited by Astropad to test our their latest software, "Astropad Studio". Basically what this program does is allows you to use your ipad as a drawing tablet (and the apple pen as your tool) and stay within Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. So when I'm illustrating in Photoshop, I can work directly on my ipad and all my work will show up on my desktop. I can also work off-line, meaning whatever I make on the ipad, will save to work on later from my desktop. Before using Astropad, I used a Wacom tablet and have trained myself to look up at my screen while illustrating. It was amazing to be able to look down at my work with Astropad, I was able to be more detailed, more efficient, and also not have to lug around my giant wacom was amazing. . I highly recommend if you're an illustrator looking for a digital platform to work on seamlessly.