Minny + Paul Collaboration

 I'm the lucky gal who gets the share a studio with Minny & Paul, a MN giftbox company that celebrates all things locally made. Laura (owner) and I met a few years back when she invited me to be a part of an illustration show she was putting together at Kit and Ace. We've been buds since and she's been sweet enough to include my work in some of her boxes since the beginning. When she first launched M&P, Laura and I worked on a custom tiny zipper purse (Laura managing production) and this time around I wanted to take over production (teaching myself to fish) and I wanted the bags to be bigger this time around. If there's one thing I hate about the work I do (which isn't a whole lot), it's production. In part because I'm horrible at it and also because it takes my time away from what I love to do, painting and designing. It's the details and I sink (read "drown" in them!) Thankfully I have patient people in my life willing to help me through my panic and mistakes. I used Spoonflower to print my fabric (they pick up the details of my designs beautifully) and my other lovely studiomate Chelsea of Modehaus Bridal stitched them to perfection. When the fabric was delivered, I was smitten with how fun the repeat was. I called my girl, Louisa Podlich of Louisa Marion and Shop A Mano who was willing to help me capture my giant printed fabric ream before it got diced up into zipper oblivion.  My small zippers can be found in the "Minny" box and my slightly bigger zipper can be found in the "Bridesmaid" box.

I tested out a few other artworks on fabric and loved how they turned out.