Vintage Revival

Last winter when I got back from Art Basel in Miami I decided that I was 100% bored with my closet. Because when you see the creative forces that are the crowds at Art Basel, everything changes inside your brain and heart. It did for me at least. It was that kind of bored that requires swift and immediate action but can only be revived back to life with meaningful and thoughtful choices. I needed color and I needed it bad, my current wardrobe consisting of mostly black and grays. But I also have been turned off to fast fashion lately and how damaging it is the environment. Don't get me wrong, I love me some trends! I just wasn't feeling awesome about the industry's standards. I wanted to support small businesses/makers and mama I'm turned my eyes towards all things vintage. A vintage revival for me of sorts. I've always been one to love a hunt and I would rather have pieces that feel unique that no one else can just run and snag. In comes in Tandem Vintage run by local gal Amanda Baumann. Early this year I reached out to her and asked if she would want to do a photoshoot with me as an excuse to get into her fabulous finds and give me a reason to play dress up. Because deep inside of me, I always want to play dress up. My vision for the shoot was bold color stories with a heavy dose of weird playful positions and a few sheets of paper to keep budget friendly. And photographer Hannah Voxland was in to get weird. I'll be trickling out the goodness on my instagram feed but wanted to share a few from the play date.