Black Magik Woman

I was invited to participate in this year's (2017) Black Magic Woman Event hosted by Norseman Distillery. All participants are local creative females, each group made up of a photographer paired with an artist. I was paired with Diana Albrecht and we chose Jana Shortal as our muse. Diana took the photos, I made the collage. We worked on the concept and art-directed the shoot.
Mixed-media collage, all human elements are photos of Jana.
50% of proceeds were donated to the Trevor Project. (All pieces now sold).

"As a journalist, you’re supposed to maintain an unbiased viewpoint, but how do you do that when you wholeheartedly disagree with the state of current politics and affairs? For Jana, there is a never-ending strife between maintaining her personal and professional integrity in a cis male dominated industry. Our collection is a vibrant and visual commentary of Jana’s experiences after hearing her story.

We both play in different mediums: Ashley, a mixed-media artist by trade who plays with bright colors, bold shapes, and good vibes and while Diana, a portrait photographer who weaves moody tones and deep emotion into her work. Working with the collage medium gave us flexibility within our own trades while being able to conceptualize Jana’s perspectives and personal challenges in her work-space A true collaboration of opinions and ideas, this series reflects ideas and visuals we are all energized, challenged, and inspired by."