Minuty Rosé

In the spring of 2018 launched my collaborations with  Minuty Vineyards, located in St.Tropez in the French Riviera. After spending a trip in St.Tropez last summer with  Minuty and agency Malherbe, I created artwork for the bottle that represented my time in St.Tropez. This bottle is  limited edition design for their 2017 vintage rose that celebrates the energy and vibrancy that is St.Tropez in the summer. To launch the collaboration, Minuty threw a fabulous event in Paris at the Studio des Acacias. During the event guest of course sipped on Minuty and I did a live painting on plexiglass glass. I've never painted on plexiglass but I loved the experience and outcome so much, I'm curious to do it again soon!


  Images: Press release event in Paris, by Victoria Campbell.


The space was beautifully put together by Manon Sim using the artwork from the bottle as inspiration.


New York Stockists



















Source: http://ashleymary.com/journal/2018/4/13/mi...

West Elm

Every year West Elm celebrates the creative juices of one US city by curating products and artwork made by a crew of locals from that city. This year I was included in their high light of Minneapolis. Through WestElm.com you can find a limited series of three different paintings or four different prints I've made.

Here is the interview with my posted on their Front + Main Blog

 Photo by Max Spooner

Photo by Max Spooner

 Photo by Jenny Li

Photo by Jenny Li

 Photo by Jenny Li

Photo by Jenny Li

We used Simply Framed to help execute the prints for West Elm. After giving them a high-res image of my painting, they send me prints to sample. I'll tweak the colors and make edits until everything looks as close to the original as possible without any distracting marks that aren't translating well to paper.

 To start the process of designing my painting, I first created a little collage with cut paper. The tiny blue collage in this photo created my blue painting for West Elm.   

To start the process of designing my painting, I first created a little collage with cut paper. The tiny blue collage in this photo created my blue painting for West Elm.


 Photo by Jenny Li

Photo by Jenny Li

 Photo by Jenny Li

Photo by Jenny Li

Working on a custom order for a client using gouache, gold leaf, and marker on paper. Often times these little works on paper can influence my next painting on canvas.


'Sota Pop

When the Super Bowl came to town this January, I got the opportunity to create one of 5 spaces inside the 'Sota Pop experience put on by Explore Minnesota with the help of creative agency Colle McVoy. Downtown on Nicollet Mall, a space inside the Renaissance Square Building was makeover to create a walk-through instagram-able experience that celebrate all the seasons of Minnesota as well as some other iconic landmarks like First Ave and Red Wing. I got to make a fun color cave to represent autumn. I used Leonetti Confetti to create a party-like atmosphere of tossing "leaves" in the air and had my friend Jeff from Minnesota Creative Wood make some dimensional shapes to mimic being in a pile of leaves. The whole space was a team effort from Colle McVoy and my friend Chelsea Brink who helped me paint for an entire weekend.  Visit #SotaPop on Instagram to see the confetti craze go down.

Other artist who created amazing rooms in 'Sota Pop: By She She, Girl Friday Creative, 10 Thousand Design, Church U.


Limited Edition Artist Capsule with Manduka


In the fall of 2018, I got invited to have my artwork be a part of a Limited Edition Artist Capsule Collection Manduka launched during the holiday season. Along with two other artist, one of my original paintings was used for their equa® yoga mat. I love how it turned out! Shop the mat using the link below.

The collaboration was also a fabulous excuse to try on some of my favorite pieces from Manduka right now and stretch myself around the studio in them. COMFY as all heck and I was loving the color options. Snaps from Kelsey Lee.

Ashley Mary_Manduka mat2.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.14.03 PM.png

Nylon Saddle X Ashley Mary

Collaboration with Nicole Feest of Nylon Saddle

Nicole took the photos and I painted over them. Love how they turned out.

The first imageis a part of an art show at Norseman Distillery (Minneapolis) up through June 24 2017.  Images are of Madelynn Furlong of Wide Eyed Legless and Lisa Dengler of Just Another

E-mail nylonsaddle@gmail.com to inquire about purchasing the originals.


Vintage Revival

Last winter when I got back from Art Basel in Miami I decided that I was 100% bored with my closet. Because when you see the creative forces that are the crowds at Art Basel, everything changes inside your brain and heart. It did for me at least. It was that kind of bored that requires swift and immediate action but can only be revived back to life with meaningful and thoughtful choices. I needed color and I needed it bad, my current wardrobe consisting of mostly black and grays. But I also have been turned off to fast fashion lately and how damaging it is the environment. Don't get me wrong, I love me some trends! I just wasn't feeling awesome about the industry's standards. I wanted to support small businesses/makers and mama earth...so I'm turned my eyes towards all things vintage. A vintage revival for me of sorts. I've always been one to love a hunt and I would rather have pieces that feel unique that no one else can just run and snag. In comes in Tandem Vintage run by local gal Amanda Baumann. Early this year I reached out to her and asked if she would want to do a photoshoot with me as an excuse to get into her fabulous finds and give me a reason to play dress up. Because deep inside of me, I always want to play dress up. My vision for the shoot was bold color stories with a heavy dose of weird playful positions and a few sheets of paper to keep budget friendly. And photographer Hannah Voxland was in to get weird. I'll be trickling out the goodness on my instagram feed but wanted to share a few from the play date.


Black Magik Woman

I was invited to participate in this year's (2017) Black Magic Woman Event hosted by Norseman Distillery. All participants are local creative females, each group made up of a photographer paired with an artist. I was paired with Diana Albrecht and we chose Jana Shortal as our muse. Diana took the photos, I made the collage. We worked on the concept and art-directed the shoot.
Mixed-media collage, all human elements are photos of Jana.
50% of proceeds were donated to the Trevor Project. (All pieces now sold).

"As a journalist, you’re supposed to maintain an unbiased viewpoint, but how do you do that when you wholeheartedly disagree with the state of current politics and affairs? For Jana, there is a never-ending strife between maintaining her personal and professional integrity in a cis male dominated industry. Our collection is a vibrant and visual commentary of Jana’s experiences after hearing her story.

We both play in different mediums: Ashley, a mixed-media artist by trade who plays with bright colors, bold shapes, and good vibes and while Diana, a portrait photographer who weaves moody tones and deep emotion into her work. Working with the collage medium gave us flexibility within our own trades while being able to conceptualize Jana’s perspectives and personal challenges in her work-space A true collaboration of opinions and ideas, this series reflects ideas and visuals we are all energized, challenged, and inspired by."

5ft Show at Gallery 360

I am thrilled to be a part of this show opening at Gallery 360 that opened last Saturday. I created 9 new pieces of work for my 5ft show. I tried to focus this series on some more subtle hues: deep indigos, soft sandy tones, pops of peach and yellow as well as explored simple patterns, almost creating a graphic textile feel to the work. Other artist who have 5ft shows include Kristen Arden and Shawna Gilmore. The main exhibit is by the talented D.C. Ice. Oh my goodness... this show, this show!! You won't regret a visit to this gallery.

 One of my favorite pieces from the series.

One of my favorite pieces from the series.

Minny + Paul Collaboration

 I'm the lucky gal who gets the share a studio with Minny & Paul, a MN giftbox company that celebrates all things locally made. Laura (owner) and I met a few years back when she invited me to be a part of an illustration show she was putting together at Kit and Ace. We've been buds since and she's been sweet enough to include my work in some of her boxes since the beginning. When she first launched M&P, Laura and I worked on a custom tiny zipper purse (Laura managing production) and this time around I wanted to take over production (teaching myself to fish) and I wanted the bags to be bigger this time around. If there's one thing I hate about the work I do (which isn't a whole lot), it's production. In part because I'm horrible at it and also because it takes my time away from what I love to do, painting and designing. It's the details and I sink (read "drown" in them!) Thankfully I have patient people in my life willing to help me through my panic and mistakes. I used Spoonflower to print my fabric (they pick up the details of my designs beautifully) and my other lovely studiomate Chelsea of Modehaus Bridal stitched them to perfection. When the fabric was delivered, I was smitten with how fun the repeat was. I called my girl, Louisa Podlich of Louisa Marion and Shop A Mano who was willing to help me capture my giant printed fabric ream before it got diced up into zipper oblivion.  My small zippers can be found in the "Minny" box and my slightly bigger zipper can be found in the "Bridesmaid" box.

I tested out a few other artworks on fabric and loved how they turned out.

Interview with Centered by Design

This January I had a visit from Claire of Centered by Design. Claire is an interior designer, yogi, and blogger who showcases lady bosses in her "Women who Make" series. Claire and Erin of Francois et Moi (who introduced us and took all the lovely pictures) spent the late morning with me chatting all things interior design and art. This year I am trying to work with more interior designers to help decorate their client's home (my art works well with kid and baby rooms and anyone not afraid of a little color). Claire and Erin gave me so much helpful advice for mixing into that industry. Thanks ladies! Below is the full interview and I had to share some additional pics Erin captured because it's always a treat to have someone else taking the photos in my space with a real life big-girl camera.

 Full interview


A few months ago I was invited by Astropad to test our their latest software, "Astropad Studio". Basically what this program does is allows you to use your ipad as a drawing tablet (and the apple pen as your tool) and stay within Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. So when I'm illustrating in Photoshop, I can work directly on my ipad and all my work will show up on my desktop. I can also work off-line, meaning whatever I make on the ipad, will save to work on later from my desktop. Before using Astropad, I used a Wacom tablet and have trained myself to look up at my screen while illustrating. It was amazing to be able to look down at my work with Astropad, I was able to be more detailed, more efficient, and also not have to lug around my giant wacom was amazing. . I highly recommend if you're an illustrator looking for a digital platform to work on seamlessly.

Banana Pants with Kelsey Lee

This is just a small collection of images from my first time shooting with local MPLS photographer, Kelsey Lee at my studio in Northrup King Building. Kelsey and I had only met once before this shoot and you wouldn't have known it by how comfortable she left me feeling. She was a sweet as they come and up for anything. I was in the mood to play with color (because when in Rome) so naturally I busted out my banana pants. Grateful for some of these candid moments she caught of me working (and the not-so-candid pics were just as fun).


Recently I was interview by Team Open Book on the topic of "Hustle". I put that in quotes because I think I'm supposed to? (grammar nerds I need you!) but also because sometimes you put words you feel uncomfortable saying or cliches in quotes too. And that's about how I feel about the word. It's one that is deeply relevant to my work realities but also one I slightly cringe to use because it's been over-saturated in social media along with "squad" and "goals". Though if you're in a team sport, I hope you have both. But if defined as "busy movement and activity" then I would say hustling is my spirital gift. The interview is short and sweet and lives right here. Photos captured by the talented miss Alex Ry.

Ashley Mary Phone Cases X Target

This fall (2o16) in working with Design Loop I launched a series of 8 phone case designs in Target stores nationwide and online. My assignment was to create a variety of cases that were inspired by novelty, fun phrases, and of course, my art! The colors and patterns inspired me to go extra bold and graphic for a photoshoot. I asked the lovely Megan Gonzalez of Mae Mae Co to come alongside and co-style all the product and my talented friend Lauren Krysti to shoot it all. One of my favorites parts of this series was bringing my paintings into a surface design, I loved seeing the translation from paper to plastic. I also design the packaging for the phone cases using elements of my favorite brush strokes, polka dots, and stripes which turned out super playful and really popped on shelves.

Apartment Therapy

This summer I got the craving to shoot my cute little apartment (and by little I mean 650sq.ft). This apartment played a special role in that season of my life. Time spent in this space was precious and consequently an environment I rediscovered myself in. And so I wanted to mark it somehow, remembering each little corner and detail that I had spent time making feel like "me". That spring I had met photographer Sarah Hrudka while she was shooting at Golden Rule. We ended up in a short convo that turned into me falling for her hard. A few months after meeting I emailed her, my gut telling me she was the one to shoot this space with, her energy is electrical and sweet and cozy. I submitted the photos to Apartment Therapy's House Call article that eventually turned into a full tour write-up. And because she took so many goodies, here are some extras from our time together. People, follow this lady's work. She is good for the soul.



Ashley Mary Cosmetic Bags X Target

In the fall of 2015 I got to launch a line of 15 cosmetic bags in Target stores nationwide and online. Using four different watercolor paintings I had done, I brought the work into the computer and created my set of patterns. The experience was a first for me in the world of surface pattern design and I've been hooked ever since. While I learned a ton, made plenty-o-mistakes along the way (production is NOT my forte), my experience was positive in that I walked away with a new set of understanding for the process and some pretty sweet little cases to share with the world. Friend and talented photographer Lauren Krysti helped me capture a few shots i styled of my tools, swatches, and final product.